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From Swarathma about Fundamental 09

This was posted on SID group on Facebook

in Feb 2009 (see date stamp).

Thanks Swarathma. This is a bit late but we love you and you know it!



A Very Quick Update:

The Fundamental was a success I hear, However there were some technical snags. Everyone had fun, which is basically the goal of any college fest.

Classes in the Communication department are off to a sluggish start, in the wake of  our HOD (prof.)Anand James’ 5 week leave. Manohar Desai has taken over some of the responsibilities for the time being. So we may go to him if any problems occur.

College is buzzing with activity as we rush to make it to our deadline in time.

The 2nd years are confused about where they are going and the 3rd years are worrying about their portfolio and summer internship.

Kalindi Ma’am  has left SID and joined Pune University. We wish her luck and miss her dearly. Urmila ma’am – the strict head librarian is back again on the front desk of the library. You have been fairly warned.

Prof.  Mahendra Patel has devised a clever idea ( yes, very blatent and obvious, to our chagrin) — a Facebook group for 3rd year Graphic Design Students. It’s a forum for disucssion of imminent submissions, gathering support material and very importantly- Deadlines and Guidelines given by the Professor himself.

He is loved dearly everywhere he goes.. Maybe like Shahrukh Khan in Kal Ho Na Ho?  Anyway. I will not digress.

And everyone, I urge you to post a few links of some useful websites..It would be beneficial to all of us.. Here are a few I came across myself.

40 Creative Digital Remakes of Popular Movie Posters” ( )

The Future of User Interfaces

May the force be with you.
(P.S. I still haven’t outgrown Star Wars..)

The Fundamental 2010 Blog

With only 23 days left for Fundamental 2010, it’s good to know whats happenning and to keep pace with the increasing excitement and pressure that any such large scale preperation brings with itself. So here’s a link to keep yourself and your friends updated with the latest news on our yearly college fest- Fundamental.


This was a night to remember eagerly awaited with excitement and bated breath. The build up to this event –the unveiling of the Fundamental logo was a flurry of activity and hence the anticipation understandably palpable.

The event started with a lively speech by Kshitiz Sharma subtly highlighting the soul of the logo – we CREATE, we DESTROY and we SUSTAIN bringing to life the creativity of ideas, creating opportunities and amusement thus destroying boredom, monotony, mundane routine, boundaries and thus sustaining the unparallel spirit of fundamental every single moment in all facets of life. He duly acknowledged the sterling effort and perseverance of the creative, production and promotion teams in making this a reality.

This was followed by a modern day fusion dance performance by the second year students excellently choreographed and bringing to life the essence of the theme of what logo was conveying. The event had reached a crescendo and had the audience on edge eagerly awaiting the moment of truth – the grand unveiling of the logo.

The spiral staircase was lined with the entire student community cheering and clapping in gay abandon and there suddenly descended rolls of satin cloth gently unfurling and landing from the ceiling to the floor, the roar of the audience was deafening when suddenly yet elegantly the logo was unveiled in its magnificence for all to see, truly a mesmerizing effect bringing to life in all its abundance the soul ‘n’ spirit – we CREATE, we DESTROY and we SUSTAIN.

FUNDERMENTALLY creativity at its BEST.


The abysses and crevices of life

Reveal something to us.

That the world of knowledge is unending,

It is limitless and vast.

We are tiny specks in this magnanimous field,

Our fundamentals need to be strong,

To explore and clarify camouflaged beliefs.

Fundamental, the annual college festival of Symbiosis Institute of Design celebrates creativity and showcases the talents of individuals who design. With the nation having innumerable college fests, Fundamental is unique because of its content and development. As creative students it is important to learn, express, share and showcase work and this is the time when SID opens its doors to invite people to experience and sensitize with the world of design.

The success of any festival lies in its organization. The pompous celebrations and grandeur witnessed at the finale veils the immense hard work that is put into its structure. Work for Fundamental essentially begins the day the festival ends. The core team overlooks the macro working-module of the festival while the student working committee is assigned various domains of work for the micro details of the festival. It covers all aspects of designing a festival starting from content to entertainment, from sponsorship to waste management. Compared to stalwart festivals of the IIT’s and IIM’s, ‘Fundamental’ is relatively young; presently being in its third year; but its growth every year has been tremendous. I would credit its successful metamorphosis because of the energy of the people working behind it.

Design, being a relatively new and upcoming field in India has tremendous potential and this festival aims to unleash the true power of design. It is quite natural to fall into the trap of making the festival bigger and better every year and giving it national ground. The scurry for sponsorships and budgeting is gregariously long. But the integrity lies in never ‘selling’ the festival but always showcasing the potential it has of benefitting parallel businesses. Apart from being a melting pot of human emotions, the leverage lies in gathering funds. One must never forget that the festival is for people whether or not they are from a design background. So how does one manage content for the general masses coming to the festival as well as for people seeking the design edginess to the event? The answer lies in the principles of design; balance and harmony.

As for my experience at Fundamental 2009, design rich workshops by eminent personalities and exhibitions which shares the experience of a student’s journey through design, as well as fun events like paintball, fashion shows and treasure hunts to the more intellectually inclined quizzes and debates make it a confluence point for students who have myriad range of interests. Acquiring funds is a mammoth task and I share my experiences as well as grievances for those handling this domain in any festival. It is exciting to formulate strategies that can win over monetary constraints of a company whose marketing manager seems like an archetype of Hitler. Here comes the test of integrity again and the power to negate or be affirmative in a decision. Learning from past mistakes and working with the faculty and administration, whose experience adds immense dimension to innumerable aspects of the festival. This is an added asset, as here skills of resource management are tested due to the constraints conjured up inevitably by an already established system. There are times when frustration peaks. When thoughts and actions do not sync. When rowdy rumors tarnish the sanctity of the structure and fundamentals of the festival. The very structure and budget that had been framed and tested over months might rumble like a pack of cards at the zenith of its need. The true personalities of people surface at crucial decision points like these, separating perceived prejudices from stark facts. Yet the experience makes you richer and stronger every time.

There are infinite memories associated with this festival. Some of them find surface below while others shall always remain deeply rooted. Chai, ideas, blurs, memories, Budget, arguments, meetings, bravery. Nights, mid-nights, late nights, no nights, Numbers, phone calls, sponsors, reference, Debates, discussions, decisions, deference. Thus, to me Fundamental can be summarized as a space where like minded people meet to experience and share their learning’s, an environment where creativity finds focus in all aspects and detailed design solutions remain embedded in its strong structure.


By: Mrinalini Sardar

Communication Design 4th year

Symbiosis Institute of Design