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Brand Strategy

Brand is a word that has many meanings. It can mean as little as an identifiable trademark (a name or logo) or it can be used to describe an entire business.  When it comes to savvy marketing what is key is that it is an idea that exists in the mind first and foremost.
So the moment you decide to create a business or cause, you have created a brand – it just exists in your mind alone.

Many organizations start to operate without a serious consideration of brand.   They start operations, and customers start to perceive their brand. Those that love the solution and how it is delivered, have positive brand associations. Depending on their experiences others will have negative or indifferent brand experiences. Still others may or may not be aware of the business and will go on considering only competing brands.

Over time, a company develops promises, positions, personality traits and attributes that are great, good-enough or unintentionally discourage proper awareness, consideration and loyalty. Businesses that are destined for greatness take ownership. They realize “we have a brand, whether we like it or not.” They will quickly make their brand work for them and not against them, and these businesses will recognize that they need to define their brand in a way which is authentic to their business and meaningful to their customer.  This is the essence of brand strategy – deciding how you are going to win in the mind of the customer.

(An extract from my notes and research while working towards my degree project on brand strategy)



A Very Quick Update:

The Fundamental was a success I hear, However there were some technical snags. Everyone had fun, which is basically the goal of any college fest.

Classes in the Communication department are off to a sluggish start, in the wake of  our HOD (prof.)Anand James’ 5 week leave. Manohar Desai has taken over some of the responsibilities for the time being. So we may go to him if any problems occur.

College is buzzing with activity as we rush to make it to our deadline in time.

The 2nd years are confused about where they are going and the 3rd years are worrying about their portfolio and summer internship.

Kalindi Ma’am  has left SID and joined Pune University. We wish her luck and miss her dearly. Urmila ma’am – the strict head librarian is back again on the front desk of the library. You have been fairly warned.

Prof.  Mahendra Patel has devised a clever idea ( yes, very blatent and obvious, to our chagrin) — a Facebook group for 3rd year Graphic Design Students. It’s a forum for disucssion of imminent submissions, gathering support material and very importantly- Deadlines and Guidelines given by the Professor himself.

He is loved dearly everywhere he goes.. Maybe like Shahrukh Khan in Kal Ho Na Ho?  Anyway. I will not digress.

And everyone, I urge you to post a few links of some useful websites..It would be beneficial to all of us.. Here are a few I came across myself.

40 Creative Digital Remakes of Popular Movie Posters” ( )

The Future of User Interfaces

May the force be with you.
(P.S. I still haven’t outgrown Star Wars..)

The Fundamental 2010 Blog

With only 23 days left for Fundamental 2010, it’s good to know whats happenning and to keep pace with the increasing excitement and pressure that any such large scale preperation brings with itself. So here’s a link to keep yourself and your friends updated with the latest news on our yearly college fest- Fundamental.

A New Year

Congratulations everyone to have come thus far! Welcome to 20 10!!

I believe that a new year does not validate a mass celebration, we should wish our friends and family a happy year or just a happy “_____”, regardless of it being new or old. I would wish everyone a happy new month/ new day etc everyday every moment..too..But I guess, I’d be classified crazy or just weird, which just goes to show that I care about what people think of me after all.

However,  I do appreciate the concept of a new year celebration, which after everything is the unification of all- rich or poor, young or old, atheist agnostic or a believer too- any antipodes for that matter. On the 31st December 23:55hrs, everyone has one main reason to be happy, to celebrate and spread joy, —The New year! — A new beginning, a start to leave the past year behind and make the most of the present and future moments.

This intent leads to resolutions ; which basically is a way to change our ways and perhaps to mend them too! However as the days go by and the year stops being so new, so do the resolutions with it. Then, we sadly forget these un-kept resolutions , until the next new January ofcourse…and lo! The whole cycle begins again, and keeps repeating from then on..

However, mankind is united in its feeling and thinking on this new year regardless of everything, we remember that we are all one, a collective whole of individuals. This happy feeling of getting something new makes us all want to sing and dance and celebrate. For those who do not sing and dance and celebrates there is always another level of personal expression, happy or unhappy- and that counts. What I am making a note of is the feeling or the reaction which we inevitably share at the event of our monthly calendar and at this instance our yearly calendar jointly culminating to a final end.

An end leads to another beginning. And no man can ignore this. By writing this piece, I clearly have not. So here I am offering my thoughts to the world about this event in our lives- A Brand New Year.

Here’s wishing everyone a glorious year and life ahead. I wish happiness and peace to be a consistent unrelenting reality in our ‘global village’ this year, and every subsequent year after this. These are my wishes to all.

What’s Your favourite Hangout?

Choose from

*Canteen (32% popular)

*Slabs    (20%)

*Tapri     (16%)

* Heera/Faasos/Smokin joe’s (20%)

Whats Your favourite?  🙂

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3rd Year Graphic Design

3rd year Graphic Design

A day trip to Purandhar as a part of a 30 day photography module